I have chosen this headline for a reason.

It is my firm believe that sport has a positive impact on any aspect of life.

Well being, happier, more confident, more social, stronger and fitter.

A better you.

Sport in itself can span and unite the whole world, like only very few other social activities (music would be another example).

Sport is truly universal.

Every 4 years more nations unite under the banner of sport during the Olympic Games, than countries are represented at the United Nations.

Leading an active life style is part of the human DNA, we are not built to remain in a seating position the most time of the day.

Our body  (the muscles, bones, joints, …) can easily last for 120 years if we treat them well.

It can compensate a lot and has amazing self healing power.

Inactivity is responsible for more deaths in the US than smoking or obesity.

I would like to invite you to lead an active life style and make sport a daily routine.


What I would like to express with this hashtag is that nothing should hold you back, no excuses, all in or nothing, bring out the beast in you.

Get out of your seat and enjoy the power of sport.